Mailing Services

Direct Mail Services in Laramie, Wyoming

Give your current and potential customers a tangible form of advertisement that is easy to share with others. Modern Printing Company of Laramie, Wyoming, provides direct mail services designed to simplify the process and effectively reach your target audience.

Personalized Printing

This very efficient process involves taking your database and creating a personalized piece unique to the original recipient. Much more than a simple mail merge, we can have dynamic photos and text so that each piece is specifically targeted to the recipient. This is service goes by many names, but we have been doing it for years. Take advantage of our years of experience in mailing to get the best rates.

Mailing Services

Let us help you design your mail-piece to access all the available discounts offered by the United States Post Office.

 We can help you determine if you qualify for a non-profit discount, (as defined by the USPS, not the IRS - they are different).

We can bar-code your piece, and it is even possible to track your mail.

We offer Standard presort mail of letters, flats, and bound printed material, as well as Every Door Direct Mail service.

We can also help you with Periodical mailing.

The earlier we talk to you in the design process, the more discounts we can get for you.